We offer classes for every level, and each class is capped at 12 people so everyone can get the individual attention they need. Sign up for a 10 week session to guarantee your spot each week. Can’t make it one week? No worries! Give us advance notice and we can schedule you in another class at either location.


Due to our small class sizes we ask that you please email, text, message on Instagram or otherwise get in touch to confirm there is space in the class

Slow Burn Barre

We combine standing Pilates, ballet positions and yoga, taking the most beneficial movements from each discipline into a 60 minute workout focused on sculpting the arms, core and strengthening and toning the legs. This class is a no impact workout that builds balance, stability, strength and overall joy in the body. 

Advanced Barre

This class takes our original Barre concept into the next level using a quicker tempo, combination arms and leg movements to keep the heart rate pumping. Get ready to embrace the Barre shake to build long lean muscle in this high energy class.

Cardio Barre

Cardio Barre is everything you love about barre class with a lot of extra sweat, heart beats and fat burning. Cardio Barre incorporates low impact, fast paced, body weight movements, balance, stability, stamina, laughing out loud and isolated core work.


Cardio Barre Lite

The Lite version of our popular Cardio Barre format, this a good step into (or back to) a workout with a cardio element. This is great for those who haven’t done high intensity work for awhile (or ever!). We offer lots of options to let you work at your own pace and comfort level.

Barre Mix

This class is like your favorite workout mix-tape : slow burn pulses, heart pumping combination movements, scupting mat pilates and a core burnout. Shake up your Friday with this super effective all over body workout mix.

Yoga Flow

This yoga class just can’t be put into a box : our teachers move fluidly between dynamic Vinyasa style asanas and a slow burn Ashtanga class, giving you the best of both worlds. Keep yoga fresh for your mind and body with this invigorating yet relaxing yoga mash-up.




Seefeld Studio



Advanced Barre 18.00

Cardio Barre 19.15


Slow Burn Barre 17.45

Advanced Barre 19.15


Slow Burn Barre 17.45

Slow Burn Barre 19.00


Advanced Barre 6.30

Cardio Barre 18.00

Cardio Barre 19.15


Barre Mix 12.00


Cardio Barre Lite 9.30

Slow Burn Barre 11.15

Meilen Studio



Slow Burn Barre 8.45

Slow Burn Barre 19:00


Slow Burn Barre 17.45

Slow Burn Barre 19.00


Cardio Barre 9.30


Rotating Class Format



New to barre but only our Advanced Barre class fits your schedule? Don’t stress, we always offer movement options in EVERY class - if you’re new to barre, have an injury, or your body just needs a break…

That is totally ok.

We adjust our teaching to work for EVERY body.



Membership Options

Drop in Class - limited space, email for availability

10 Week Session - Guarantee your spot in class(es) each week



CHF 42 — Single Drop in
CHF 380 — 10 week session, 1x / week
CHF 680 - 10 week session, 2x / week

Private Training CHF 150 / hour