Our Philosophy



We believe in loving our bodies the way they were built. We believe in providing individual attention and knowing our clients names. We believe in the power of community and connection, to each other and to ourselves.


Our Mission


We promise to support you in reaching your own personal goals with a highly effective, sweaty and fun barre workout.

We promise to provide the space, energy and inspiration that supports our clients in their journey - in fitness, in life, in becoming their best selves.

Allow us to redefine your body and mind through sweat, breath and focus.



I’m not:
a dancer/
in shape/
can I still do barre?
— many/most of our students

Absolutely a thousand times YES!! Our classes are inspired by ballet movements combined with pilates, yoga, sometimes a little HIIT but require zero (yes, ZERO) background in dance. It’s an all over body workout that will increase your mobility and strength and help you move better not just in the studio but in LIFE. We provide options for our students in class so if your body doesn’t feel ready for option 1, then just do option 2!

I have a kiddo that needs looking after...do you provide childcare?
— moms everywhere

Unfortunately we don’t have the space or resources to provide childcare during our classes. However, we’ve done some research for you and there are places up and down the Gold Coast that provide no-obligation morning childcare for a fee. Click here for some options to check out.

I really want to come to your studio but can’t commit to one class time per week
— normal working people who have late meetings, work drinks, other commitments

We really really want to hang out with you too! And many of our students have this worry….at first. What we find is that usually someone comes for a drop in class or two and then decide it is worth making time in their schedule. Plus, if you let us know in advance, we can find space for you to make up the class you missed due to that meeting/work drinks/other commitment within the 10 week session.

But sometimes life is crazy unpredictable…just do drop ins! That is also totally cool with us. Just make sure you email to let us know when you want to come.

What should I expect in a Body Love Fitness barre class?
— all our clients

We have small classes! We have space for max 11-12 people and lots of individual attention. Instruction is in English, but body language is universal! Our experienced instructors demonstrate all of the exercises first. Classes are set to high energy music to keep clients motivated and are done barefoot or in socks. Clients are provided with mats, water and even a refreshing treat at the end of class. Our classes are challenging! We like to give clients the opportunity to be “comfortable uncomfortable” and push themselves to reach their fitness goals.