One on One Training

A private and semi-private appointment focuses on what your body needs. We offer a variety of training sessions with our experienced instructors that help you reach your fitness goals and get the most out of your other Body Love Fitness classes.



A one on one appointment focusing on your body and what it needs in of order to improve your movements in and out of barre class, increase strength, flexibility, stability, core strength gain an intimate understanding of each pose.  

Teachers : Melanie, Sebestian, Kristina. 150-/hour


Get deep into your practice with a teacher there to adjust you into every posture, discovering a new level of understanding of each asana and how your body responds within each pose. 

Vanessa & Chantal. 150-/hour.

Deep Assisted Stretching

Train with one of our instructors and find new space in your body…learn how to use your own body weight to your advantage and increase your flexibility in a way you never knew possible! 

Chantal, Melanie. 175-/hour


Essential Stress Reduction, Restorative session: 

This session is more like a treatment. We incorporate essential oils, crystals and light touch therapy to restore your body, mind and soul. This session combines restorative yoga, light stretching, slow movements, stress reduction techniques and ultimate relaxation. 

Melanie 175-/hour, 220-/1.5 hours

Pre & Post Natal Barre, Yoga, Pilates Fusion: 

This session is designed to strengthen the muscles necessary to support your changing body as it supports your babies development  AND LATER, to restore your body and your connection to your core muscles, preparing you for more intense workouts as you reestablish your endurance and brain body function. 

Kristina, Vanessa, Chantal. 150-/hour